Is A Hardware Wallet Practical For Your Crypto Investments?

So you’ve finally bought some cryptocurrencies from a crypto exchange and then the next day you woke up to headlines saying that $10 Million of Bitcoin gets stolen from another exchange.

Lucky you! But what now. Should you sell now and get back your money before it’s too late or should you buy a hardware wallet like every old-timer crypto investor suggests?

But it’s quite expensive, you said. Considering you’ve invested just $500 into Ethereum, a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S on Carousell now costs $200!

What should you do? Then this is for you.

Six Insider Traits You Did Not Know About Forex Traders

Many people have an idea of what Forex Traders are, either from hear-say or news of another Forex millionaire teenager. But what really is within the real profiting Forex traders? As an ex-Forex day trader, and knowing a handful of profitable Forex traders, I have narrowed their traits down into a short list that are likely the cause that have made them a winning trader. From being as weird as spongebob, to recklessness, here are the 6 inside traits that you will want to know about them.

TheIA is back after 10 month hiatus

Hello everyone! It has been a long hiatus and don’t worry, I’m still alive and kicking. A lot of things have changed (look who’s taken over as the President of America…) and I have even completed two semesters of university since my ORD last year. The reason of the lack of updates is mainly due to my […]

Red Monkey putting World Markets into Red

With red Monkey coming in and putting the markets into red yesterday, most indices have dropped 2-6% in one night. We can expect Hong Kong and Singapore Market to follow suit at around this range when they open up tomorrow.   How about our NYSE:MCD that I have been so confident about? Bad news: It has breached our trend […]

[Review Update] McDonald’s Corporation – +7.5% in two weeks

In my previous analysis done two weeks ago, I’ve indicated that McDonald’s Corp (NYSE:MCD) will be a good buy for mid to long term. From $115.18 per share on 16th Jan, yesterday it has closed at $123.78 per share. A 7.5% push northwards in two weeks. For comparison of how well McDonald’s did in the last two […]

McDonald’s Corporation – Time to grab some Fast Food?

I’ve been following the NYSE:MCD (McDonald’s Corporation) since last year for multiple reasons I’ll be explaining in this write up. This post was actually planned to be published last week (screenshot below is taken on last Sunday) but being the usual me, I’ve forgotten to post it up. So here comes my technical analysis take on this global fast food chain.   […]

New Trading Account: Standard Chartered Online Equities

My first post in 2016! Couldn’t be more proud to let you guys know that I’ve finally opened my new StanChart Online Equities account (and got it working successfully)! I’ve been waiting for more than two years to finally reach the legal age to open one woohoo 🙂 For those unfamiliar with StanChart Online Equities […]

What is to come in 2016? An Insane 2016!

It has finally come down to the end of the year and it just feels like two months ago when I just wrote my resolutions for 2015.. I’ve learned so much over the past year that no words could accurately describe the maturing of my thinking and mindset. Honestly to me, these experiences are priceless […]

[Thoughts] Who knows what’s next?

Look at the Finance Section of any newspaper or news website for the past 10 months and you can see the recent global news about national conflicts, massive frauds, money laundering, Black Monday, insider trading, stock manipulation, riots, rates hikes, commodities prices slide, one after another like dominoes. Although there isn’t much blood in the streets […]

October Focus: Pound Sterling against Australian Dollar?

With current crazy media coverage and emotion-based fundamental news regarding USD and CNY going crazy, it is obvious where short-term/day traders will head on to speculate in search for quick riches. And by just doing the opposite, searching for trending instead of liquid currencies, you’ll be in-the-money pretty effortlessly for some pretty while. 🙂   As an update to my previous […]

Are profits from FOREX Trading taxable in Singapore?

Is the income from FOREX trading taxable in Singapore? In fact, what about the profits from other financial instrument (binary options, futures, etc.)? For anyone currently or is interested to enter Forex trading, I hope you’ve at least given this question a thought as it proves that you’re in it for the long term. This post will […]