Welcome Post

Hello there!


What’s better than to start off with a 30-degree warmth(unless you are from Singapore) welcome to my first seven subscribers despite that fact that I have not posted any real post yet!

Nonetheless, you guys can be sure that you will be biting your lips and eyeing on my blog for the next few weeks of my financial blog debut. I would update it as soon as my last paper end.

The first few posts’ contents are prepared and outlined in my personal notes so I could provide a more organized posting structure of everything before I go with the real trading journey with you guys!

So as a small hint of what I am going to post, it would consists of:

  1. My personal goal- namely, being financially free!
  2. Research on what type of trader/investor I am and what suits me
  3. What is FOREX Trading!
  4. What platform/broker/securities I am going to trade
  5. Trading track record
  6. Learning experience

So far so good! All well-planned and would be a full personal point of view posts! Of course, if you guys know anything to add-on to my posts, disagreements of what I posted, compliment my right decisions made, or just any questions you are keeping in, just comment in that post! (that’s what it’s there for!) And I would love to hear from you guys and learn new things! (HEY, I am an abecedarian remember)

Excited yet guys? If you have not subscribed to my blog, do so now before I remove that widget! Kidding!

Till next time!
Independent Abecedarian