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Hello all!

Sorry once again for the lack of activity from my side here. I really tried my best to channel out all the time I can to type each article with all my heart. Sounds cheesy, but it’s really the truth! 😀

Jokes aside and back to topic! In this post, I would like to update you guys about my confirmation with OANDA real account. If you had read my previous posts about upcoming articles that I would be posting, you should know that I am currently using demo accounts with all the possible renowned online brokers. My criteria to choose what broker to demo with are simple. Firstly is the broker itself- they must be regulated and had top-notch reputation worldwide. Secondly is the tools and trading platform- Having acceptable spreads, integrable with MetaTrader4 platform, acceptable trading execution speed, etc. With the first point up being the more important factor, it makes sure that the capital I put in are safe and this relieves the burden of thinking if withdrawal would be simple and fast or complicated and extensive. Second point up makes sure that I could execute trades comfortably on a platform that I am used to and also with accuracy.

Therefore! With much trying of demos, which I would be showing you all in my future post, I had confirmed with Oanda SG account. It is integrable with MT4 platform, has a tight spread, instant execution (in my case of demo; with 0.5 lot and less), excellent support team, and most importantly, reputable enough.

In this coming week, I hope to activate my account and start with my ‘real’ trading journey and keep you guys updated with my every trade! Are you excited as I am? Nevertheless, my articles would still be written and published slowly- unless you’re holding a bear’s claw at my bull, I would do it at my pace! 🙂

For now, that’s all I have.

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