Important News- Collaboration for Establishment

Last updated on January 2nd, 2017

Hello all!

I would like to share an important piece of news! Please do take note!

For the past few months, I have been discussing and considering about a collaboration with one of my brother that I have known since high school, to open a partnership Financial Blog and YouTube Channel. This was after finding out about us having exactly the same vital life goal- To trade for our own Financial Independence and Freedom. He on the other hand, has started trading real Forex account for quite some time now and that we both have been discussing trading strategies, lessons learnt, market outlook, etc. for the past few months.

Hence I am writing here to inform you guys that I have not quit trading, and my determination to fulfil my own life goal is even stronger than ever before! This is on top of the fact that I had just activated and got my OANDA account approved! So do look forward to my upcoming posts weekly at my new collaboration blog and follow/subscribe to get your newsletter weekly! (I do not want to lose you guys!)

With two members maintaining the new blog, I am sure we will not disappoint you guys with our active and quality postings! So what are you waiting for!

See you guys on the other side then! 🙂

The Independent Abecedarian


Update on 22/6/2014: Removed links to collaboration as after much thinking, I still believe having a personal financial blog is more suitable for me as I can post all my casual thoughts process and ideas out without being too formal and strict unlike the collaboration site. I believe I will be able to cope with both blogs and make it big! (Removal of link also allowed me stay a little more anonymously cool in this blog too 😉 )

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