What do you do when loved ones do not support your financial plans?

Last updated on January 2nd, 2017

Hi all,

As per title, what do you do when one of your loved ones does not support your financial plans?

mother-sonRecently I have  been researching on entrepreneurship, which I will explain the reason in detail in the forthcoming write-up, and received two requests for partnership on startups via two different socializing platforms. Without detailing the actual companies, I believe there are definitely potential in both the startups. And as an added bonus, they are not asking for my investment- they are looking for someone with my skill sets. So why not?

Thinking about it seriously as one of my life’s life changing moments, I approached my mum for advice and her views. It was then I came to realise the reason why my dad has yet to fully succeed in his many endeavours(two local partnership startups, multiple investment techniques, etc) despite having so much knowledge, experience and skills in both financial management and entrepreneurship. I had never thought about how it felt when I am in my dad’s shoes till today. Back to it, basically after telling her that I have the interest in joining the potential partnerships, she lectured me.

Mum: “Internet all scam artist, you better don’t anyhow join them!”
Me: “No lah, I have done my research, ma. The owner has started up two companies before and current startup has been established for six years and has a proven record based on the social network profile.”
Mum: “Internet I can also put my company has 10 years of record. Don’t be stupid. If they already six years why would they need you?”
Me: “They are looking for suitable members to join their team and expand overseas ma. Anyway, it is a risk I have to take if I want to be successful. Even if it is a failure, I will definitely learn much more than not trying, right?”
Mum: “Successful… Go study, get a Masters then a good paying job. That is successful!”
Me: “No thanks, I don’t want to limit my future to just working for others. I want to own a business venture myself one day and live doing what I love to do…”
Mum: “Own a business. Who do you think you are. If it’s that easy, everyone would be business owners. Don’t even dream about it”
Me: Speechless “You are not even encouraging me to fight for what I want in life…” Walks away

Well, so that’s all to it for the conversation. I am not sure if any of you guys have ever experienced this sort of event where your loved ones not only refused to support but also given harsh words on something you are passionate to start. And since he/she is someone you dearly love, you merely took those words to heart. I deem that this emotion distress and stress is enough to trample everything my dad has built up. Maintaining ventures and portfolios are pressuring enough…
However on the other hand, only when I look from my mum’s perspective of an overly conservative money manager and just being straight-forward as she usually is, I can let it off my heart. But never totally.

So now the question to my readers as I really want to learn from your experience(if any) and know your views on this. Who is right and who is wrong? Should one listen to his loved ones and give up on his life goal, or should he stick with it and ignore advice from them?

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