Discussion: 4 ways to make fullest of my NSF allowances and time?

Last updated on January 2nd, 2017

Hello all!

As per topic and you would have guessed, my enlistment date is just less than two months away! While counting down towards the day I will be stepping on Pulau Tekong, I am feeling a mix of excitement and concerned on how I can maximize the two years of service.

Having did some research and thanks to various bloggers for their share regarding this topic, I came out with a list of things I can do during my NSF in order to make the fullest of them.
Serving as a consolidation as well as a discussion post, I would like you to share a tip or two on top of these with me and future pre-enlistee readers!

1. Suit up and Save up

As our dear poet la papillion said, “If you’re not saving when you’re earning peanuts, you also won’t save when you’re earning big bucks”.

Although the savings accumulated out of the whole two years might not even buy you enough peanuts to last, it is a matter of fact that practicing to save when you’re young builds up a healthy and priceless habit that you will pat yourself on the back in future.

Therefore it is recommended to save an appropriate portion of your NS allowances since most necessities in most days of the month are already provided. However all that being said, it’s your choice so is your life. 🙂

2. Networking Vantage Point

Whether you’re full of entrepreneurial spirit or not, you can expand your current social circle by accepting new people into your life, that is the people you meet during your two years of National Service. Or if you’re a risk taker, you could even ramp it up by stepping out of your current social circle and tapping into someone else’s.
This, I can guarantee, will be a HELL of an experience! You will never know enough people because ‘enough’ is non-existent in networking relationships.

Networking is often too underestimated. Networking could help you acquire information and advice regarding your industry when you are hunting for a job, could directly affect your pay raises and promotions, or could even lead you into a part of a business venture! The possibilities are endless.

However knowing too much people might bring you problems and similar sorts, it is good to learn to focus on the good and filter out the bad ones. If you don’t learn this skill now, you would also be exposed to it when you step into work society anyway.

If you haven’t start working on your networking skills, don’t let me know the reasons. Because the reasons are probably something like ‘I’ve just swam out from a reservoir filled with blue Chartreux cats.’. Just odd.

3. Acquire Eminent Skillsets

Up to recently, an advisory council comprising leaders from different business sectors is looking at ways to better recognise the skills workers use during National Service (NS) so I suppose they are listen to Blogger Mr Wang’s suggestions to improve the sentiments of NS as written in SG Young Investment’s post, The hot topic of National Service (NS) – Why cannot monetize NS?.

If that is the case, there might be a possibility that local companies will gradually recognise NS as a form work experience.

4. Utilizing Perks

Teenage Investor has put up a good guide on how to How to Survive Financially during National Service (NS) and most of his list of survival tips is to maximize the benefits provided with being a soldier. This includes free Medical and Dental treatment, free food and lodging and transport concession passes. Knowing what you can claim and utilize will definitely save you some bucks (and feel smarter on the way)!

In addition to the guide, I would also add a tip that enlistees are able to make a spectacle claim of up to $40 for their first claim. Subsequent claims are only up to $20. And it is recommended to make the spectacles 2 weeks before enlistment date to keep the receipt valid.

Share your personal tip!

Share your personal tip on how you maximize your NSF time and the mere allowance in the comments section below!
I am definitely be interested to hear what your part before I visit the barber opposite my block! 🙁
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