Spending 4 months’ savings on something that yields no cash

Last updated on January 2nd, 2017

Hello all!

Are things going well and are you still striking off your goals furiously with not much time left till end of this year? I am. And in fact, it is also the reason of me missing out a post last week because of this ‘something’ stated in my title.

As you all know I have been saving eagerly with the monthly pay I have got from my previous employment. But as of last week, I had spent most of these savings on this one thing. This is not a post to grief how idiot I am for spending on something that yield no cash return, but instead, I feel that this is one of the best spendings I have made so far this year.

This something is one of my MUST-STRIKE-OFF-BEFORE-2014-ENDS goals.


Sponsoring my family a vacation trip overseas

As explained in my post, New goals to accomplish in 2014, I have expected this goal to yield no cash return. However little did I know that the ‘returns’ of the experiences, feelings and family bonding are this priceless.
It’s not about the money, money, money
We don’t need your money, money, money

That’s a lie. I still do need money.

Where to go?

Back to topic, I had started planning the country to visit and the budget I have since I quitted my previous job and I will be sharing some saving tips from this travel experience in the upcoming post this week.
Personally, the first place that came into my mind was to visit TAIPEI, again. I had visited a couple of months ago with my polymates and this just shows how much I enjoyed that trip! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Unfortunately, it is way out of my budget (exceeding my accumulated savings) to sponsor five family members for the flight, accommodation and transportation. While there are also some other places including Tokyo and Seoul where my mum has been continuously hinting, Finland or Norway to experience the Aurora Northern Lights wonder with my dad and various other USA states my family is interested to visit… Haha, maybe next time!
To cut things short, I went to search for best getaway deals in the end so I could use the possible savings to upgrade better accommodation to a relaxing grand resort, stay for longer days instead of cramping everything we want to do, and rent our own car for practicality in transportation.
Final decision: Langkawi, Malaysia.

Planning Point

Thinking back, I recalled that my parents have been wanting to visit this island for more than a couple of years now as the trip has been postponed every time they try planning it out. Hence, it is up to me now to plan the itinerary and negotiate with the big boat tour guy.
With the contact I got recommended as one of the best Mangrove boat tour in Langkawi Island, I asked for the best deal with an english speaking guide even before I book my air tickets.
And booking air tickets are easy with Air Asia website, especially finding the best price among our flexible departing and arrival dates.
The accommodation was at Dayang Bay Resort, one of the top family-friendly 4-star resorts in Kuah area. On top of complimentary awesome breakfast and a couple of reserved swimming pools, I even managed to get the sea-view suite that includes an open space balcony kitchen, three bathrooms and two rooms. Just perfect for five! ๐Ÿ™‚
Add those with our rented car from the airport as planned beforehand, we did not hesitate any moment to discover this angelic Eagle Island. The four days then ended real fast.

The real returns

Although this huge spending took up most of my four months of savings, I believe this experience taught me a heap of life lessons and values that could be leveraged on myself in future.
With hitting my five digit net worth some time ago before my official 20th birthday, it is one reason to celebrate and let me cherish and appreciate my family members more. Now go ahead and call me a family man, haha! Realising that my family members are the people that I am exposed to most everyday and are always there, I at times neglected them like any other man would. Understanding this, it’s also the time for me to find out who has always been with me, standing up for me and having my back in my darkest moments.
Additionally, I have learned to understand how hard it is for a sole breadwinner to raise a family of five. Not for merely four days, but for a hefty twenty years… ‘Burdensome’, ‘Difficult’, ‘Distressing’, ‘Stressful’ are just words that could never fully express the actual weight my dad felt.
Also again, those experiences and feelings bonding with my family are definitely priceless and would always be in a place inside my mind that I hope would push me a step further than my limits when I think about them.

Another lesson towards a rich life

A lesson. Therefore I recommend all young adults to plan and pay for your family’s trip while you can’t really. Yes, while you can’t. Because only during this time, you will feel the strain and learn the most out of it. Treat it as a therapy that fully refreshes your mind and heart, letting you know what you should be doing in your life and clear those noise out.

Not being able to realise the true meaning and value of money since we are still young, thinking that living in this modern city going out wearing your hundreds of dollars worth OOTD will boost your status that others look upon, I cannot say it is wrong. But who really are the ‘others’ you’re showing off to? Those people faking their status as well? Or those still acting rich despite borrowing and spending on credit? Or the worst, people who wants to suck your money dry in any way they could by making you think that you are really rich?
If you still think it is really worth it to show it off to them, I am not stopping you. If you think those countless local bloggers are telling lies by stating that real rich people do not spend like this, I am not stopping you. You’re only young once and it’s your life decision, isn’t it? I would just hope you could realise it soon before the grave you’re digging becomes so deep that you couldn’t climb out of it. I know this because I was once near there. I know because I know friends who have been there, and still is there.
You might not be like the ones I am directing to since you’re already taking steps to read these financial blogs, however if you know someone who is the ‘you’ I’m expressing to, forward and share this post along with them. You might just be the person to save them right out of their graves.

Tune in to the next post for saving tips I gained!

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