The most fulfilling 60 minutes in my life

Last updated on January 2nd, 2017

Hello all,

I came upon this video in YouTube last week and I thought of sharing to my readers on this cooling Monday evening!
I rarely browse YouTube’s finance related videos as most are just there to market incompetent financial products or services but apparently this is not. Likewise it’s rare for me to share videos since I don’t think they are of much informative to everyone anyway.

However if you have a distraction-free 60 minutes that you want to utilize while on the way home after work or lazing in your living room or even relaxing on bed before hitting the sack, this is for you.
To sum up, this 60 minutes will make you understand the concept of money you might not even learn in this lifetime. How to craft your personal cashflow and balance sheet, why most things you thought is an asset is actually a liability, and what contributes to financial freedom.

This is a full-length recorded seminar session by Robert Kiyosaki. I believe attending his talks are not cheap and easily attained but there thanks to the World Wide Web, this video managed to flash in front of my computer and taught me a bunch of things I might not have actually cultured in this lifetime. It is definitely worth a watch even if you have read his books, ebooks, or audiobooks as the book contents are just half what he is sharing in the session. After watching it, I have too reflected that life is really really short. Like short short, short… It’s time for each of us to do stand up and do something now.

Either way, here is the video embed.
Do comment and let me know if you think this 60 minutes spent is worth your time. Or if you could summarize it better than me for others too! :p
Lastly, just a tip when watching the video is to open your mind to everything you have learned, listen and absorb. You can then filter things that you believe otherwise after the whole video. Only this way you would be able to maximize the knowledge he will be portraying in the video. 🙂

[Update 010117: Video was removed from Youtube]

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