What I learned and accomplished in 2014

Last updated on May 25th, 2018

Saving average of at least 40% of income


Thanks to YNAB, it provided me a clear picture of how much I managed to save, contribute to my parents and CPF accounts for 2014 in just a couple of filters set off with ease.

In average of $1,055.71 payslip, I managed to directly channel zhunzhun 40% into my savings account, 17% into my CPF and 15% allowances to my parents.

That sense of accomplishment when you follow your budget, That savings growing when you update your banking book, That feeling of completeness when you know you had spent that dollar well.. Reaffirmed my decision to keep a monthly budget this year too!

Key takeaway I want you to keep from the bottom of my heart is that: I do not feel that my life is any less meaningful than in the past where I save whatever that was left after spending.

Budgeting does not at any moment make me feel confined.. In fact, I think it opened me up and made me feeling richer by knowing where to spend my dollar to obtain the most fulfillment or return.


Sponsoring family one vacation trip overseas

As posted last October, a topic of its own titled ‘Spending 4 months’ savings on something that yields no cash‘, I planned and executed the oversea itinerary on my own for the first time. It had in return taught me a heap of life lessons and values which are detailed out in the post!

I recommend all young adults to plan and pay for your family’s trip while you can’t really.

Deposit at least $1,000 into Oanda FX

Accomplished as detailed in this post.

Start stock investment

I don’t know how to say this but to all the local financial bloggers I have been to, I am grateful for all your sharing as they were what gave me the will to start my own investment journey! And I have never regretted starting this blog in hopes of it inspiring others, even if it is just one, too.
Since the start of my first stock trade execution in July, I have compounded S$64.30 dividends (aka realised gains) as of December 2014! It’s a small amount but I always think it is better than putting in a bank, plus this capital is a sum I am willing to risk for a higher return than in a savings account. So it’s still a steal for me! 🙂

Obtain own domain name

While I still own the domain name (theindependentabecedarian.com), I had set a permanent redirect to WordPress(independentabecedarian.wordpress.com). This complicated but non-urgent issue will be addressed soon.

Meet someone from the local blog community

This is the only thing I have yet to accomplish. So much for my lack of aggression to meet a local blogger out for a cuppa coffee :-/ The next forthcoming posts, I will address this and my 2015 ‘missions’ I want to accomplish.

These 2015 missions will not be the same. I will optimize the format and set deadlines in order to make sure I spend my time well, not too much nor too little time on one mission anymore! Stay tuned for it and you might be inspired to set your own ‘missions’ based on it too! 🙂

In overall for 2014,

I striked off four out of five of my goals which is a good sign that I had accomplished something this year.. Without publicizing my goals, I might not have started the first step towards stock investment, I might not have started this blog, I might not have visited Langkawi till today, and I might not even have any savings at all! Looking back, always think the bright side, think of it as a half-full cup instead of a half-empty.

Be very strict in yourself during the period towards your goal, but be easy and recognize your accomplishments well once it ends!

However! I promise myself and all of you that in this year, my 21st, I will accomplish the most I have ever done before. I am ready to step out of my comfort zone, ready to risk some and ready to learn multifarious amount of knowledge to reap those returns! Yum! 😉

The Independent Abecedarian


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