Putting a price tag on my dream? For real?

To find out what your dreams really are, don’t just look into what you want, what does your loved ones want? Exploring the world? A house by the beach?
Because when they’re happy, you’ll be. And memories lasts for a lifetime. So make it count.

Are you looking to help others? Create webinars, seminars, workshops for children on financial literacy maybe?
Or are you looking to create a brand name of your own?

Everyone has to have a dream to keep moving. Make it big so that it’s far, but close enough to reach. Dream big! 🙂

Inspired by our Lady’s post, ‘What is the price of your dream?’, and it just so happened that I was being exposed to this topic for the past weeks by several different channels, I thought that this is not some simple coincidences. Maybe it is time for me to really calculate the price tag of my dream.  😎

Ideas for this comes from both of my personal bucket list and my lifelong missions.
There are many more things in my bucket list but they are not my dreams. They are something to let myself know that experiencing and learning about our world will be an endless journey.
On the other hand, dreams are something that drives me and making me look forward to change the lives of people, I know and don’t know, and mine. It reminds me to take this one more step, then another and another, and one more, etc.

This will be a draft price tag after doing minimal research (我 admit  😛 )


1. A full sea-view house : Approx SGD3,000,000. Does not mind either condo or bungalow as long as it has a great sea-view (my dream) and a good run for money. Yes, this is my criteria for now. Might not even have to be a house in Singapore as it depends on where I’ll be retiring.

2. Owning a matte white Nissan R35 GTR Mk.2 : Approx SGD400,000. Might consider purchase in Malaysia or my future retiring country, if not Singapore.

3. Personal passive income portfolio : Approx SGD1,000,000. With government bond of stable 4% annual returns, I would have SGD3,000 passive income. It will be more than enough for my daily needs till my last breathe.

4. Travel all around world with my family : Approx SGD200,000. A good round the world trip for family of five. Might be to visit several Wonders of the world, plus my family’s wishlist- Norway, NYC, LA, London, Taiwan, Tokyo, Seoul.

5. Become an Inspiring blogger/mentor : Approx SGD5,000. Might need some budget for web development and maintenance costs or coaching certifications.

6. Start my own brand name : Approx SGD0. Not sure what it will be yet, but it’s what makes life interesting right? Also I’m guessing a great idea and some network is what it takes! 😉

There, the Total Cost excluding GST comes up to be just a little before SGD5,000,000 mark. To be exact, it will be SGD4,605,000. Add some safety net, SGD5,000,000. Who needs to be a billionaire? I will gladly demise when these six are accomplished with satisfaction, then reborn and do them all again (lol) 😆


Million Dollar Question (pun), will I ever hit this amount within the next 10, if not 20 years at best? So my family and I can reap the rewards? As of writing, I am still believing that I can with my plans laid (secluded in some hidden safe). Some prioritising might be required, such as travelling round the world before my dream house and car, but things will be fine in the end of 20 years (or even earlier I hope). This is the purpose of my blog. I want to show that regardless if your dreams are big or small, if you swore to work hard and follow your plan, I can promise you that you can achieve it. And so realise that those who dream small to keep themselves comfortable are wasting their life away not living the life. We are all born with a purpose to live for something. How and why? Ask yourself before you sleep tonight. 💡

Dream big. And when you go for something, DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU GET IT! 😉

Let me know your dreams below, I would really like to see if my dreams are really big enough like I’ve imagined or I might have a lot more to learn.

The Independent Abcedarian


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