TheIA: Revealing more about a 20 years old’s five income streams?

Last updated on January 29th, 2018

Life is a process, a journey. And age is just a number- can you be sure that in ten years time, the odds of a random 20 year old on the streets dying is lower than a random 50 year old?

Most of you should already know that I’m turning 21 soon in a couple of months time, but I would really like to express my heartfelt thanks to those who have read every one of my posts sincerely hoping to gain a new perspective or knowledge. Especially the handful of people who personally contacted me and trusted my responses and views, thank you! 🙂
I never once regretted starting this blog as it is here as a stepping stone towards my dream to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to believe they can achieve their dreams as long as they want it, bad enough. Some of you have showed me what I can do to inspire, which I definitely appreciate but I’m still hungry for more.  😎

Whilst still keeping myself anonymous for the time being, I hope the following information I reveal will give you a rough idea how a 20 year old, or even a 16 year old can start building wealth to reach their dreams. Fast. Life is a process, a journey. And age is just a number- can you be sure that in ten years time, the odds of a random 20 year old on the street dying is lower than a random 50 year old? If you’re not sure, the answer is no… We all live once, so live it like your last (but that’s not a reason to spend it like your last okay 🙄 )

1. NSF allowance

That is of course for the time being. Without any other allowances from parents/scholarships like I’d have during my polytechnic years, I am only provided with this mere $480 allowance which I gift a percentage to my parents and surviving on the rest. Sometimes being constrained is the only way for you to learn how to outgrow your potential.

2. Dividends from Stocks investment

Currently on average, I am getting 3.8% annual dividends on the $4,000 SGX portfolio I am holding. As long as it fights inflation for me without getting my hands dirty, a passive 3.8% is acceptable for the time being as I do not need to make any transaction at all.

3. FX Trading

Still a work in progress to make the returns consistent, based on the past months, I can be expecting a 10-20% a month in returns. Maintaining emotions and discipline is key here, even if it doesn’t work out at the end of the day, I still gain new knowledge and experience which I might not experience in slower paced market. Being the only market with more than $5.3 trillion average turnover every single day, opportunities (so do risks) are limitless here. If you trade with a solid broker, keep your losses small and analyze it correctly, you will be rewarded, sometimes very handsomely indeed.

4. Annuity/Saving Plan

Having paid for an annuity my dad signed up when I was younger, I am reaping the rewards now. The company will credit me roughly $4,000 per year up till 25, doing nothing. And secretly, this is my favourite one I think… 😛

5. Blog advertisements

Did not get any sponsorship so far yet, but I did got credited some advertising money from Google Adsense. The last I checked a month ago, I was stacking up till $20+ after one year… Totally negligible, but I’m definitely not expecting to get thousands a month blogging.. At least not yet heh!


That’s it for my five income streams. Sure, they are not totally stable cashflows but it’s something for starters, I guess? :mrgreen: I often hear them saying when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.. So why not believe nothing can stop you and your dreams are waiting for you at the finishing line?

All dreams go back to the same question you should be asking: How bad do I really want it??
Go get it.


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