TheIA profile picture icon libertyI am …

  • a Software Engineer in the day
  • a Futures algo trader in the night
  • a co-founder of a local FinTech startup
  • a founder of Theia blog

I love …

  • travelling overseas and experiencing new cultures
  • developing trading algorithms over the weekends
  • learning about new technologies (namely machine-learning at the moment)
  • learning new things everyday about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
  • mathematics so much that I discovered some personal quantitative finance models by experimenting

I aspire to …

  • fully eliminate food poverty in Singapore
  • angel invests game changing ideas
  • continue writing as Theia forever to inspire teenagers to twenties to work hard towards their dreams
  • run a couple of 100% passive businesses
  • achieve 7-digits passive income
  • tick off my personal bucket list with my family

Theia Blog History

Theia Blog started off with a Singaporean teenager blogging about his journey towards a richer living, in wealth and experiences. Fast forward 5 years, he now blogs about all things finance and technology, and in his free time, creates algorithms to trade Futures contracts.

  • August 23, 2013: It all starts!  Blog started under wordpress.com with a purpose to track down the journey towards financial independence.
  • Mar 6, 2014: First thousand readers!  Realized the impact and demand for my content and decided to take up opportunities to network with local financial bloggers.
  • October 13, 2015: Half a Million hits!  Blog gets viewed 500,000 times.
  • April 1, 2016: One Million pages loaded! Blog gets viewed one million times since inception.

Theia Blog Coverage

  • Financial markets: Spot Forex, Index Futures, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks
  • Investing styles: Dividend growth investing, Swing trading, Day trading, Algorithmic trading (Spread betting, Scalping)
  • Personal finance: Properly save money, invest money, and grow money
  • Interesting technology: Machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trading algorithms
  • Personal experience: What I did and what I learned, How I get investors, How I validate market demand, Why did I start a business
  • Value adding series: Interviews with experts, Life hacks to saving/investing/coding/business

Final question, what’s Theia?

When I started this blog, I only had one simple purpose: As a novice (an Abecedarian), my ultimate goal is to achieve a financially independent life that is free (Independent) from the shackles and escape the rat race. Hence the name of Theia (previously known as The Independent Abecedarian). And throughout my blogging career, I have not thought of changing it as I like how Theia spells out 🙂