Q1Y15 Missions Review; Q2Y15 Missions Genesis

Time really flies, more than a quarter of the year has passed. Have you even accomplished one of your New Year Resolutions or have you given up on them like you’ve always been in the past? Resolutions are nothing but little visions, which are also futile, up until you realise one thing- each realised vision grows you to become the person you’ve always […]

Putting a price tag on my dream? For real?

To find out what your dreams really are, don’t just look into what you want, what does your loved ones want? Exploring the world? A house by the beach? Because when they’re happy, you’ll be. And memories lasts for a lifetime. So make it count. Are you looking to help others? Create webinars, seminars, workshops for […]

6 Mental Drills SAF taught me to be a better investor

Didnt think I would come down to say this myself.. But I think SAF have taught me these mental drills to be a better investor. Barely a quarter completed serving the country (damn 🙁 ), I have already learned several lessons that could be implemented in my life. Positive thinking being always part of me, I might be partially blinded by some (if […]

TheIA Portfolio Update: 42.9% Cash on hand

With 42.9% cash of my investment portfolio warming up and ready to strike at the trough of the economic waves, so what? I dont even know when it’s to happen.. Hello all, It has been a long time since I’ve updated my portfolio as I’m vested for the long term. As an NSF with age of 20, I surely do not […]

A Comprehensive Interview with The Forex Trader from Singapore

I have been following The Forex Trader (Founder of The Forex Pip Trader blog) from the start of his blog launch till today. We’ve even discussed about our goals, trading strategies, and possible collaborations. Today, I have finally managed to post this exclusive and comprehensive interview with the Singaporean Currency Trader after some scheduling issues. Despite being just 20, he have […]

The happy solution on what you should to do with your pay raise this year

This, my friend, is the simplest and happiest solution you’ll ever have to employ over the lifetime of your career. Hello all! How are you doing? With myself already more or less adapted to the life of a soldier, I was asked this question by my ex-colleague through whatsapp. (That’s why everyone should have at least one financial blogger as a friend- to get […]

New Q1Y15 90days Missions vs Old boring New Year Resolutions

Missions.. Quarter goals.. 2015… Some time ago, I received this article in my mailbox titled ‘Why 90-day goals are better than year-long ones’ and I opened on it. It stated five reasons with examples making me conclude that shorter goals do boost productivity and effectiveness of targets you want to achieve. Because as we all know (or is […]

10 Quick Facts about Standard Chartered

Hello all! Since I started my investment journey, I have always been planning to open a Standard Chartered Online Equities Trading account for my investment needs once I am qualified for a CDP account (in less than a year’s time now) as I recall that Stanchart OETrading Account provides the lowest commission fees the last I researched. However after the recent news […]

What I learned and accomplished in 2014

Saving average of at least 40% of income (Accomplished)   Thanks to YNAB, it provided me a clear picture of how much I managed to save, contribute to my parents and CPF accounts for 2014 in just a couple of filters set off with ease. In average of $1,055.71 payslip, I managed to directly channel zhunzhun 40% into my […]

The most fulfilling 60 minutes in my life

Hello all, I came upon this video in YouTube last week and I thought of sharing to my readers on this cooling Monday evening! I rarely browse YouTube’s finance related videos as most are just there to market incompetent financial products or services but apparently this is not. Likewise it’s rare for me to share […]

New vision, New purpose, New goals to accomplish in 2014

Hello all! As you might have read the changes in the blog’s new purpose and vision, I have also updated the things to accomplish before end of this year which I have set out long ago in my trusty notebook. Goals are what pushes us forward. New vision, New purpose As explained in About page, […]

Discussion: Would you invest in a profitable but non-ethical company?

Hello all! Recently I encountered a video documenting the Apple iPhone 6’s launch. Despite noting the main purpose of the film is to tape down the usually hidden and dark behind scenes of the product launches, I couldn’t stop to ponder for a while. Is the company you consistently support, invest and fund doing an […]