October Focus: Pound Sterling against Australian Dollar?

With current crazy media coverage and emotion-based fundamental news regarding USD and CNY going crazy, it is obvious where short-term/day traders will head on to speculate in search for quick riches. And by just doing the opposite, searching for trending instead of liquid currencies, you’ll be in-the-money pretty effortlessly for some pretty while. 🙂   As an update to my previous […]

Are profits from FOREX Trading taxable in Singapore?

Is the income from FOREX trading taxable in Singapore? In fact, what about the profits from other financial instrument (binary options, futures, etc.)? For anyone currently or is interested to enter Forex trading, I hope you’ve at least given this question a thought as it proves that you’re in it for the long term. This post will […]

Q1Y15 Missions Review; Q2Y15 Missions Genesis

Time really flies, more than a quarter of the year has passed. Have you even accomplished one of your New Year Resolutions or have you given up on them like you’ve always been in the past? Resolutions are nothing but little visions, which are also futile, up until you realise one thing- each realised vision grows you to become the person you’ve always […]

Putting a price tag on my dream? For real?

To find out what your dreams really are, don’t just look into what you want, what does your loved ones want? Exploring the world? A house by the beach? Because when they’re happy, you’ll be. And memories lasts for a lifetime. So make it count. Are you looking to help others? Create webinars, seminars, workshops for […]

6 Mental Drills SAF taught me to be a better investor

Didnt think I would come down to say this myself.. But I think SAF have taught me these mental drills to be a better investor. Barely a quarter completed serving the country (damn 🙁 ), I have already learned several lessons that could be implemented in my life. Positive thinking being always part of me, I might be partially blinded by some (if […]

TheIA Portfolio Update: 42.9% Cash on hand

With 42.9% cash of my investment portfolio warming up and ready to strike at the trough of the economic waves, so what? I dont even know when it’s to happen.. Hello all, It has been a long time since I’ve updated my portfolio as I’m vested for the long term. As an NSF with age of 20, I surely do not […]