Revamping Blog with Newfound Purpose and Vision

Hello all! Firstly to those that have followed my blog up, you should have gotten your exclusive newsletter #1 with the special content that I hope it’s worth the subscription and hope you enjoyed it. Don’t worry if you’d missed this, there will be more surprises to come! ūüôā Secondly I would be revamping my […]

A hectic week for The Cable – So what to expect next?

Hello All! As you would have guessed that I’m a technical trader, but I could not stop myself from posting the critical events that happened the past week causing this frenzy. As the¬†quote from our respected blogger goes, “For¬†a trader,¬†it is important to keep abreast with the latest financial and market news”¬†ūüėČ   Critical Events […]

Interviewed by Invest Openly

Hello all! Just yesterday, I have had¬†the honor to be featured in Invest Openly’s¬†“Interview With The Fellow Investor” series! Despite that fact that I am a rookie in shares investment, Richard has put the faith in me and invited me for this short interview. Thanks to¬†his efficiency in blogging, he has swiftly¬†uploaded the interview in […]

The Way to Save- Plan to Save, Save to Spend

Hello all! Recently I have read a blog post from one of the¬†lovable finance blogs regarding an email the blogger received from a¬†teen on¬†savings and spending. I thought that this teen’s¬†situation and questions are somewhat similar to what I had experienced¬†in the past two years, thus I left an equitable comment in that post in […]

Revision of trading strategy, plan & mindset = Revival of portfolio

Hi all! As per the previous post I posted today (Bulking my portfolio with OCBC BCIP and Oanda FX), you would have already know that I have boosted my total investment into my¬†Forex Account as I now have gotten more confident in making it¬†one of my¬†sources of income. Trading has been¬†one of my interests since […]

Bulking my portfolio with OCBC BCIP and Oanda FX

Hi all! As of August 2014, another $2000 has been invested in the same four stocks that I have¬†chosen. With¬†all of my $4,000 planned investable¬†capital in place,¬†this investment will¬†most likely be untouched¬†for the next 3-5 years. The reasons of choosing¬†these four stocks will be explained¬†in the forthcoming¬†posts, so stay tuned! ūüôā In addition, I have […]

Top tip to better site readership

Hi all! Recently I have got an email from a reader feeding-back¬†regarding the overall of my blog. The reader claimed to be an experienced writer¬†for¬†one of the popular¬†news media industry, and she graciously gave me¬†several invaluable¬†pointers¬†to improve my blog posts’ readability.   The best tip¬†of them which I find that it might help other financial […]

First Cash Dividends – August 2014

Hi all, With regards to my¬†first Blue Chip investment on July, I received¬†two distributions of dividends from Singtel and Starhub on August! Cash is king; so I guess cash dividends is the true king of all types of dividend ūüôā Despite the small amount, I am thrilled as I know this is the start- the […]

What do you do when loved ones do not support your financial plans?

Hi all, As per title,¬†what do you do when one of your loved ones does not support your financial plans? Recently I have ¬†been researching on entrepreneurship, which I will explain the reason in detail in the forthcoming¬†write-up, and received two requests for partnership on startups via two different socializing platforms. Without detailing the actual […]

GBPUSD Pair Analysis 17/08/2014

Hello all! As some of you might know, I am actively trading the Foreign Exchange market and posting analysis on a¬†collaboration blog with my buddy. I especially post this analysis and reflection here as I felt that this post if extremely important and might be useful for some of you out there, whether you trade […]

Do I feel battered on reds?

Hey all! A quick update on my portfolio and a personal write-up. As you all know I have opened positions on¬†my first batch of investment only last month, and there has been some rough tides already as seen below. ¬†¬† The portfolio’s value¬†was the worst two weeks ago, where its unrealised loss amounted to near […]

I was wrong…

Hello all! This will be a quick write up from me on a lesson that I have learnt from this coming-to-be three months of working my first full-time job. Although it is a short timespan, it feels¬†like I have been working for a year now. Everyday I would wake at 6AM and reach home at […]

July 2014 YNAB Spending Report and Analysis

Hello all! Once again another month has passed. With¬†YNAB, I¬†have successfully taken down all my daily expenses, big or small, with minimal hassle. The feeling of the end result, aka the chart report, is just¬†alluring and assuring since I know that¬†my spendings are¬†well taken care of (or not)! Moving to this month’s spendings, you can […]

First BCIP Order Execution

Hello¬†all! Finally, my first BCIP Order has been executed and this is my first official equity investment in the¬†Singapore Stock Exchange. Needless to say, I feel excited and somewhat assured knowing that I will be holding this throughout at least for the next two years or so. And to share my joy, below is the […]