TheIA recommends the following information rich Financial sites, guaranteeing that you’ll learn something out of each of them:

    As Singapore’s largest collection of Finance & Investing posts from bloggers all around Singapore, The Finance is again one of my top recommended bookmark list with posts that I can browse on the go with ease. It is also my substitute of financial news due to swift bloggers posting their views, anything from corporation actions to world news.
  • Singapore Investment Bloggers
    With an extensive database of Personal Financial blogs by local bloggers and more than a million hits in record, this site acts like a real-time updated finance blog directory. This is very useful if you are finding some useful finance-related posts to read during your spare time.
  • Investment Moats- Stock Market Resources
    This site has an extensive list of articles on every finance-related topics including wealth building, wealth management, dividend income investing, fundamental analysis, case studies examples, etc. This page is one of my favourite bookmark that I refer to once in a while.
  • Path to Forever Financial Freedom
    One of the most inspiring person that blogs altruistically to share his financial journey towards Financial Freedom. Having started just three years ago and holding a portfolio of near $400,000 as of writing now, his target of being financially independent in just nine years is something truly sensational and a perfect role-model for me. Recommended for fundamental/value investors as he does a lot of financial report analysis.
  • Invest Openly
    A Share Investment Venture Project named Invest Openly established by Richard Ng, this website portrays a huge range of topics such as his Daily Market News update, extensive analysis on trending stocks and personal experiences of his finance journey. His dedication and discipline for posting the daily ‘Market News In 2 Minutes’ updates have definitely won him countless followers, not excluding me! Recommended for experienced investors as some of his terms might be complex for beginners.
  • SG Young Investment
    Like me, SGYI’s interest in financial management was sparked by Robert Kiyosaki written book Rich Dad Poor Dad and this had led him opening this finance blog which has garnered over 900,000 views in less than two years. This just shows how much dedication and the quality of work he put in for his posts. Recommend for all young investors.
  • My 15 Hour Work Week
    With the mission of achieving a 15 Hour Work Week Semi-Retirement lifestyle, every post this introverted, academically inclined and married Singaporean male will put you into his shoes explaining the steps he takes. Recommended for working professionals.
  • Lady, you can be free
    A single lady aspiring to achieve financial freedom, where in my opinion, she has already achieved it long ago. Currently an investor holding a over a Million dollars worth of portfolio, she seeks to achieve humongous passive incomes by dividends alone. Also one of the blogs I’ve been following since the start of my journey. Highly motivational blog recommended for all age groups.
  • Dividend Warrior
    With the motto ‘More Wealth with Less Work’, Dividend Warrior creates wealth in the most effective way- Investing in growing Dividends Stocks. Although he has stopped blogging since Sep 2015, I thought that his past updates and analysis might be timeless and useful. Again, this blog is one of the first few blogs I had followed since the start of my journey. Recommended for dividends investors.
  • The Forex Trader
    Ambitious in heart, hard-working in practice; HouTian has been studying the financial markets at the age of 14. On top of blogging about market outlook of currency pairs and major indices, this easy-going guy shares about interesting things he met through his journey to financial freedom. Recommended for FOREX and young ambitious traders.
  • The Tale of Azrael
    Another well informed young investor based in Singapore. Recommended for young investors alike.
  • You Need a Budget
    In case you haven’t already read all my posts about YNAB, it’s a very comprehensive and paid budgeting tool that synchronises between all your devices using Cloud. I’ve been using it since 2013 and it can be said as one of the best investments I’ve made. For the record, I’ve managed to get it at student pricing though. It allows you to generate reports of your expenses and income as I’ve shown in my posts. Recommended for all.